Getting Back to CrossFit

The story of Andrea Staton

While going to breakfast after an intense CrossFit workout, Andrea Staton took a wrong step off of the sidewalk and heard a loud pop in her calf muscle. “I turned to see who threw a snowball at me – then the pain set in,” she says.
An avid CrossFit athlete since 2010, Andrea says she realized something was wrong but thought, “I could rehab it myself and go to online sources to self-treat.”

After a year of training and competing, Andrea’s calf muscle finally gave out and popped once again. This time she took the advice of a fellow CrossFitter and foot surgeon to have her calf looked at by therapists at St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute.

Her first impression as she walked into St. Luke’s and seeing a variety of people of all ages, shapes and sizes receiving treatment, Andrea says, “it was an environment for everyone.”

 “The team at St. Luke’s is very knowledgeable and understands the physical demands of all athletes,” states Andrea.  “They are caring and listen to what your sport demands, working with you and your schedule to get you back up and running to do what you love to do.”

 “Graston was the main treatment program that [the therapists] did to rebuild the muscle in my calf,” she says. The Graston technique incorporates an evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively detect and treat scar tissue and restrictions that affect normal function.

“[The therapists] encouraged me to continue to do CrossFit during treatment, listen to my body and gradually try out exercises that once hurt so I could see how they felt,” Andrea says.

With the Graston technique, stretching and other methods of therapy, today, Andrea says her calf muscle is back to normal and she is back to competing in world-wide CrossFit competitions.
“I am kicking myself for not seeking treatment sooner and calling on St. Luke’s to get me back to my sport quicker,” Andrea says. “I have hit some new personal records since my calf healed, including a 281 lbs. back squat.”


*Like Andrea, you have a choice in where you receive rehabilitation care with convenient outpatient locations throughout Spokane. Tell your provider you choose St. Luke’s.

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