Inpatient Therapy
Candice B
Candice B, CTRS/R
BS, Therapeutic Recreation, Eastern Washington University
Candice has a primary focus on spinal cord injuries, with specialized experience in geriatrics, stroke and neurological disorders. She has worked with St. Luke’s since 2007.  
Dean B
Dean B, PT
BS, Physical Therapy, Florida International University
BA, Physical Education, Augustana College
Dean has experience treating patients with traumatic brain injuries, (CVA) stroke and other neurological diagnoses. He has been with St. Luke's since 1981. 
Marjory B
Marjory B, BS
Marjory has been with St. Luke's since 1998. Marjory has experience in acute care, home health, rehabilitation and long term care. Her primary focus is treating patients with (CVA) stroke and neurological disorders.
Monaca B
Monaca B, PT
Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Regis University
Monaca has been with St. Luke's since 2006 working in both inpatient and outpatient neuro.
Sara B
MS, Speech Pathology, University of Nevada
Sara is a speech therapist working in the inpatient neurological unit. She has been with St. Luke’s since 2007.
Barbara C
Barbara C, OTR/L
BA, Psychology, University of Washington
Barbara has experience treating adults with deficits related to (CVA) stroke, multiple sclerosis, cardiac dysfunction, orthopedic/joint replacement, amputations, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. She has been with St. Luke's since 2005.
Christine C
Christine C, Inpatient Therapy Manager, PT, NCS
BS, Physical Therapy, Eastern Washington University
Christine has experience in acute inpatient rehabilitation focusing on spinal cord injury, amputee, post-operation joint replacement and trauma injuries. She is a Neurological Certified Specialist and has been with St. Luke's since 1992.
Nicolee C
Nicolee C, PTA
AAS, Spokane Falls Community College
Nicolee has experience working in the traumatic brain injury, (CVA) stroke and spinal cord injury units at St. Luke’s. She has been with St. Luke's since 2004.
Rod D
MS, Communication Disorders, Eastern Washington University
Rod has worked at St. Luke’s with adult and pediatric patients since 1993. This includes evaluation and treatment of communication, cognition and dysphasia in the neurological unit.
Teresa D
Teresa D, PTA
AAS, Spokane Community College
Teresa has specialized on spinal cord, orthopedic, joint replacement and trauma patient rehabilitation. She has been with St. Luke's since 2006.
Jennifer H
Jennifer H, CTSR/R
BS, Therapeutic Recreation, Eastern Washington University
Jennifer has worked at St. Luke’s since 1999 assisting patients with mobility and safety skills that aid them in returning to the community.
Molly M
Molly M, MS, CF/SLP
MS, University of Louisiana
MS, Washington State University
Molly has been with St. Luke’s since 2008 and looks forward to furthering her specialized focuses in rehabilitation.
Sandra N
Sandra N, PT
BS, Physical Therapy, Eastern Washington University
Sandra has worked in all areas of inpatient rehabilitation during her time at St. Luke’s since 1992. She has extensive experience in acute and extended care centers.
Penny R
Penny R, MA, PT
MA, Applied Behavioral Sciences, Whitworth University
BS, Physical Therapy, University of Colorado
Penny has experience with acute care, neurological outpatient and general rehabilitation. Since joining St. Luke’s in 1994, she has become certified as a Clinical Instructor; Adjunct Faculty, SFCC; Assistant ACCE and SFCC.
Patsy S
Patsy S, MS, CCC-SLP
BS, MS, Eastern Washington University
Patsy has experience evaluating, providing treatment and education for communicative, cognitive and swallowing disorders resulting from a variety of neurological disorders. She has been with St. Luke's since 1986.
Rhonda  S
Rhonda S, Inpatient Therapy Manager, OTR/L
BS, Occupational Therapy, University of Puget Sound
Rhonda is certified in neurological development treatment of Adult Hemiplegia and is also a certified Rehabilitation Driving Specialist. She has been with St. Luke's since 1988.
Melissa T
Melissa T, BS, Occupational Therapy
Melissa has been working at St. Luke’s since 1994, with a primary focus on patients with orthopedic and spinal cord injuries.
Regina T
Regina T, OTR/L
MS, Occupational Therapy, Eastern Washington University
Regina has been at St. Luke’s since 2005, focusing on adult and geriatric inpatient rehabilitation.
Flora W
Flora W, COTA/L
AS, Green River Community College
Flora specializes in adult and geriatric population with orthopedic and neurological dysfunctions with St. Luke’s. She has been with St. Luke's since 1999.
Nancy W
Nancy W, Rehabilitation Services Director
BS, Recreational Therapy, Idaho State University
Nancy is the Director for Inpatient Therapy Services. Her responsibilities include the Neurostroke, Spinal Cord, Orthopedic and Traumatic Brain Injury departments as well as Therapy Services at Sacred Heart Acute Care. Nancy’s clinical background is as a Recreational Therapist. Nancy has been with St. Luke's since 1993.