Outpatient Downtown
Lynn A
Lynn A, MS, PT
MSPT, University of Indianapolis
Lynn is a physical therapist who specializes in treating patients with issues related to head injuries, stroke and other neurological events. Lynn enjoys treating her patients both on land and in the water. She is currently completing her Doctorate of Health Science in physical therapy with a neuro emphasis. Lynn has over 10 years of experience. 
Deb B
Deb B, PTA
BS, University of Leeds, England
AA, Physical Therapy Assistant, North Idaho College
Deb is a physical therapy assistant with over 10 years of experience. Her primary focus is treatment of orthopedic conditions, aquatic therapy and industrial rehabilitation. Deb has a certification in weight training. 
Valerie B
Valerie B, PT
BS, Physical Therapy, University of Pennsylvania
Valerie has over 20 years experience as a physical therapist focusing primarily on women’s health, pelvic floor rehabilitation, dizziness and balance problems and geriatrics. She has a Certification of Competency in Vestibular Rehabilitation.  
April C
April C, PTA
AAS, Spokane Falls Community College
April is a physical therapy assistant. She has a special interest in treating patients with neurologic involvement. She also enjoys aquatic therapy.
Mark C
Mark C, MPT
MSPT, Loma Linda University
Mark has more than ten years experience in pain clinic, work conditioning/work hardening, ergonomics and orthopedic physical therapy. He specializes in ergonomics and shoulder rehabilitation.
Elizabeth G
Elizabeth G, PT, MTC
PT Certification, D.T. Watson School of Physiatrics
BS, University of Montana
MHSC, University of St. Augustine
Liz is a physical therapist with over 30 years of experience. She has a certification in manual therapy from University of St. Augustine, Florida. Her specialty is orthopedic treatment on an outpatient basis.
Steven G
Steven G, MD
MD, State University of New York, School of Medicine
Dr. Goodman believes medicine is a patient-focused art and looks to understand each patient, their unique challenge and their desired outcome while drawing on the best of science in caring for them. Dr. Goodman has a subspecialty interest in musculoskeletal pain. He is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnostic Medicine.
Lisa K
MS, Communication Disorders, Eastern Washington University
Lisa is a speech therapist working with neurological patients in both the outpatient and acute care settings.
Ryan K
Ryan K, OTR/L
BA, Occupational Therapy, Eastern Washington University
Ryan specializes in deficits related to (CVA) stroke and traumatic brain injury, in addition to self-care, home management, upper body strengthening and coordination. He also participates in rehabilitation of those who are suffering from work-related injuries and are undergoing chronic pain management as well as work conditioning and work hardening. He has been with St. Luke’s since 2006.
Hilary L
Hilary L, PT, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Regis University in Denver Colorado
BS, Exercise Science, Gonzaga University
Hilary specializes in treatment of neurological disorders with functional mobility training and balance issues.
Ryan  M
Ryan M, PT, DPT
DPT, Eastern Washington University
 Ryan has a wide range of experience treating individuals with orthopedic and neurological diagnoses. He has advanced training and experience treating people with spinal cord injuries, stroke, joint replacement and chronic pain. He is currently pursuing certification in orthopedic manual therapy.
Ben N
Ben N, PTS
AAS, Montana State University College of Great Falls
Ben specializes in outpatient orthopedics and aquatic therapy. He is also involved in treating patients in our work conditioning/work hardening program and our SIMP program.
Nancy P
Nancy P, MOT/OTR/L
MOT, University of Puget Sound
BS, Michigan State University
Nancy is an occupational therapist with extensive therapy experience. She specializes in treating patients with neurological disorders and is known for her creative and functional therapy approach. She also has specialized training in lymphedema therapy and driving evaluations.
Laura P
Laura P, OP Neuro PTA
PTA Program, Spokane Falls Community College
Laura is a physical therapist assistant. She enjoys working with patients with a variety of neurological diagnoses as well as in the aquatic environment. She also has an interest in post breast cancer and vestibular rehabilitation.
Michelle S
Michelle S, MPT
MPT, University of Montana
BS, Human Services, Montana State University
Michelle has over 13 years of experience as a physical therapist treating patients ranging in age from adolescent to senior with issues related to orthopedic injuries or conditions. She also has been treating patients with chronic pain from work-related injuries for 2 years.  
Dominic S
Dominic is a physical therapist with 8 years of experience in orthopedics. He is fellowship trained in orthopedics and manual therapy from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Dominic's professional interests include manual/orthopedic therapy, sports rehabilitation and running gait analysis/retraining research.
Andria S
Andria S, MS, SLP, CF
BS Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
MS Communication Disorders, Eastern Washington University
Andria is a speech language pathologist who has been with St. Luke's since 2012.  Andria serves in both the inpatient and outpatient settings, working with both adults and pediatrics in the outpatient setting.  Her research in graduate school focused on the communication of individuals who have dementia, and she has special interest in this population.  Andria also has experience working with individuals who have had strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and other neurological pathologies.
Diane T
Diane T, PT, MTC
PT, Mayo School of Health Related Science
Diane has more than twenty years of outpatient orthopedic experience and industrial rehabilitation- work hardening, work conditioning and functional capacity evaluations. She is certified in manual therapy from the University of St. Augustine, Florida and holds a certification to provide the Progressive Goal Attainment Program. She enjoys working with all ages of patients and using her manual therapy skills on orthopedic injuries. 
Aimee W
Aimee W, MS, PT, ATRIC
MS, University of Montana
Aimee is a physical therapist with over eight years of experience. She specializes in treating clients with neurological diagnoses including stroke, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders. Aimee has received additional certification in aquatic therapy.
Patricia W
Patricia W, OT/L, CHT
OT, University of Western Ontario
Patricia has 22 years experience as occupational therapist in outpatient rehabilitation treating clients with musculoskeletal and neurological injuries. She is a Certified Hand Therapist with extensive hand therapy experience. She joined the St. Luke’s team in 2005 providing rehabilitation to those with arm and hand injuries, work-related injuries and chronic pain management including work conditioning and work hardening.
Pierrette W
Pierrette W, PT
BS, Physical Therapy, University of Washington
Pierrette is a physical therapist with more than twenty years experience in general neuro physical therapy. She specializes in lymphedema therapy, vestibular therapy and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Pierrette is a member of the APTA and a section on women’s health.