Health Psychology & Biofeedback
Pamela Clark
Pamela Clark, Psychology Resident
Psychology Resident, California School of Professional Psychology
Dr. Clark has over five years’ experience working with patients who suffer from chronic pain and traumatic injuries. She also specializes in systems therapy and helping families and couples achieve their goals and improve relationships. Her clinical experiences and training include treating anxiety, depression, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), and process addictions.  Dr. Clark received her doctorate of Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. She also holds a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.Dr. Clark uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Biofeedback, Motivational and Mindfulness based approaches to help patients learn to self-regulate, modify behavior, communicate effectively, and build self-efficacy; thus equipping patients with the internal resources to optimize their life, and manage difficult life challenges. 
Angelique Tindall
Angelique Tindall, PhD, RD
PhD, University of Montana
Dr. Angelique Tindall is a licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in Spokane, Washington. She received her doctorate from the University of Montana in 1991. She completed her internship at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. She also completed a two-year post-doctoral residency in Medical Psychology at the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center. Since completing her formal education, she has worked primarily in hospital settings with medical patients. Most of her practice has been in Neuropsychology, Rehabilitation Psychology and Health Psychology. 
Anthony Whitney
Anthony Whitney, MS, LMHC, BCIA
MS, Psychology, Eastern Washington University
Anthony is a licensed mental health counselor and certified biofeedback specialist. He is trained in areas of auto-regulation, sEMG, heart rate variability, peak performance training and computer-based treatment using EEG based neurofeedback. He specializes in treating chronic pain and strives to create a unique treatment experience to enhance individuals’ abilities to experience their full internal potential.
Sonya Wood
Sonya Wood, PhD
BA Psychology, Eastern Washington University
MA Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology
PhD Clinical Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology
Dr. Wood specializes in chronic pain. She provides cognitive behavioral therapy and incorporates stress management techniques to optimize pain management. Her training and experience include working with patients who suffer from depression, anxiety and other psychological conditions that frequently accompany chronic pain. Dr. Wood has a passion for using a holistic approach in treatment. Her goal in working with each individual is to build on personal strengths and improve quality of life.