Clinical Trial for Stroke Drug Available at St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute

October 22, 2015
Spokane, WA

- St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute's research department is looking for qualified participants to take part in a stroke-related clinical trial. The MILESTONE Study, occurring at approximately 80 sites in the US and Canada, examines the effect of a study drug on participants who have difficulty walking after suffering an ischemic stroke, where there is a clot in a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain.

"Researching trial drugs, like the dalfampridine extended release tablets used in the MILESTONE Study, may allow us to find treatments that can potentially benefit those living with the long-term effects of stroke," said Doug Weeks, Ph.D., St. Luke's research director. "In addition to physical therapy and rehabilitation, we hope to offer patients potential medication to assist with their stroke."

St. Luke's researchers are looking for participants who had a stroke six or more months ago and have difficulty walking-including those who are walking slowly or use a cane or walker- due to the stroke. The study lasts about five months and includes timed walking and balance tests as well as questionnaires on how the stroke has affected the participant's life and the ability to get around.

To find out participant eligibility, please contact Ann Cooper at (509) 939-8079 or Doug Weeks at (509) 939-1316. 

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