Finding Heroes and Friends at St. Luke's

The story of Ed Hamilton

After breaking his neck in a fall, Ed Hamilton was asked where he would like to go for his rehabilitation therapy, and he chose St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute. “I know how they work with you,” he says.  And even though the therapy may be difficult, Ed says it pays off in the end, “Sometimes you might not like it, but they work you hard enough to where you’re going to get better.”

One of the therapists working with Ed to get him walking and using his arms again was Corey Morrow, an occupational therapist at St. Luke’s.  "He’s kind of my hero,” Ed says about Corey.  “One of the first things that moved me to decide I liked him was when I asked him to open my milk carton and he said ‘No, do it yourself.’ We did quite well after that.”

“This is why we’re here,” Corey says.  “Seeing [Ed] be able to walk in here and come says ‘Hi’ with a big smile on his face…it’s just good to see him.”  Within three days of undergoing therapy with Corey and St. Luke’s team of therapists, Ed says he was able to wash his hair and take a shower.

Ed says St. Luke’s occupational and physical therapy staff members are now his friends, “I can’t say enough about the people here,” he says.  “It’s amazing how close you get to somebody in two or three weeks.”

When it was time for Ed to go home, he says it was more difficult to leave St. Luke’s than he expected, “I really hated to go home.”

Ed adds that when someone told him that they bet he could not wait to go home, he responded with, “They’re going to have to chase me out of here.”

Hamilton“And we did; we chased you out,” Corey says to Ed with a big laugh.


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