Getting Back to Work

The story of Stephanie Ingwaldson

Stephanie Ingwaldson, a nurse at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, was used to taking care of patients. She never expected that one day she would be a patient herself.

Stephanie injured her neck and was unable to work. Her neck injury caused not only neck pain, but bad headaches as well as pain and weakness in her arms. After going through surgery, she went to St. Luke’s for rehabilitation. “As a nurse, we refer a lot of our patients to St. Luke’s and now I was going to be the patient,” she says. “St. Luke’s is one of the best places.”

“We did a lot of core-strengthening. I was deconditioned and I needed to work on my core strength,” Stephanie says of her outpatient experience at St. Luke’s. “All the therapists were really friendly and helpful, and they always answered all my questions during therapy,” she says.

Her therapists worked diligently with her to simulate real-life situations that would eventually help her get back to working as a nurse. “It was great because they had a room set up for me to use every day to lift heavy objects and re-position patients, and staff would take turns being the patient,” she says. “They made sure that I could stand at a computer for long periods of time like I would do at work.”

The symptoms Stephanie had prior to her surgery and rehabilitation were gone by the time she completed therapy. “I feel so much better,” she says. “The therapists were able to help me and coach me in what I was doing in order to get the most out of my rehab.”

Stephanie improved so much that she was able to get back to working as a nurse. “St. Luke’s is top notch, they know what they’re doing,” she says. “I would not have been able to get back to work without that therapy.”

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