Hand Hygiene

Across the country, infections are acquired in the hospital, which take a heavy toll on patients, mostly from poor hygiene in hospital procedures. There is a national focus on the prevention of hospital-acquired infections. A major part of the national attention is a push for improved hygiene through hand washing.

St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute has taken a lead in Washington state and is working with staff, patients, volunteers, physicians and family members to reduce the chance of infection for our patients. Hand hygiene is a simple, but effective, method to prevent infection. Family members of patients, as well as all staff and volunteers receive education on the importance of hand hygiene and how infection can be reduced.

Results That Count
St. Luke's is proud of its efforts to reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections and will continually work to totally eliminate these infections from our hospital. We hope that by sharing our infection rates that it will encourage other health care facilities to also display their infection rates and what they are actively doing to reduce infection rates.

  • Hospital Acquired Infection Graph 
  • St. Luke's is better than the national average for hospital acquired infection rate scores.


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