Patient Outcomes

Committed to providing hope, quality of care and recovery, St. Luke’s is the state’s largest provider of rehabilitation services for stroke, spinal cord injury, head injury or injury or disease to bones, joints or muscles. After illness or injury, there is a need to gain strength, skills and function to allow people to return to the highest quality of life possible. St. Luke’s works as a team with patients and their families to achieve this goal. With a main campus located in downtown Spokane, St. Luke’s combines compassionate care with expertise to provide inpatient physical rehabilitation services to patients of all ages.

Patient satisfaction is key to the success of any health care facility. Because St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute is committed to getting our patients back to the highest quality of life possible, we consistently measure patient satisfaction and outcomes. To view more detailed patient outcomes graphs, please click on the links below.  We feel it is important to display outcomes information to provide patients and their families the data they need to make informed choices.  The outcomes brochures were developed based on patient and family feedback, with supporting graphs for more detailed outcomes information.  If you have feedback about this system, please contact us.

Largest provider in Washington 

St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute is committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. Why is it important that we are the largest provider of medical rehabilitation in Washington? To develop the expertise to provide exceptional care for very complex patients, it is imperative that health care providers are able to see a large volume of patients. Because our staff are providing care to such a large number of rehabilitation patients, we have more collaborative experience than anyone in the region.

Discharged for Success
Our goal is to return our patients to the most independent lifestyle possible. St. Luke's consistently discharges a larger number of people out to the community than the national average of other facilities.

Patient Focus Groups

St. Luke's conducts regular focus groups with past patients from all areas to get direct feedback on both areas of accomplishment and places to improve the facility. These focus groups consist of patients who have been discharged over 90 days prior as well as a family member.  If you are a past patient of St. Luke's and would like to participate in an upcoming focus group, please contact us.

Patient Satisfaction 

St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute contracts with Press Ganey Associate, Inc. and MedTel Outcomes, nationally recognized patient satisfaction benchmarking services for health care, to monitor patient satisfaction in various key areas of clinical care and service. These surveys allow us to compare our customer satisfaction results with other rehabilitation facilities around the country.

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