ALS Clinic

The Providence St. Luke’s Physiatry & Neuromuscular Clinic provides a multidisciplinary team approach to caring for persons with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Given that ALS can affect every person differently, the care involves diverse and specialized skills and knowledge. Our approach utilizes a comprehensive, integrated medical and rehabilitative treatment program aimed at reducing the burden of the disease for both persons with ALS and their caregivers. The multidisciplinary clinic approach eliminates the need for persons with ALS having to visit multiple health care providers at different times and different places. Previous studies have shown that multidisciplinary teams improve the quality of life and survival for persons with ALS.

Our team is led by neurologist Dr. John Chapin and physiatrist Dr. Jon Morrill.  Both physicians are fellowship trained in neuromuscular disorders, and both are board certified in electrodiagnostic medicine.  They are assisted by Caitlin Shino, a nurse practitioner specializing in neuromuscular disorders. The team also has physical, respiratory and speech therapists, as well as a registered nurse, dietitian, and social worker. The team meets after each clinic to discuss and implement a personalized treatment plan for each person.

The center is actively involved in research, including clinical trials and basic science studies. The center is sponsored by the ALS Association and works in collaboration with the Steve Gleason Institute for Neuroscience at the Washington State University Elson S Floyd College of Medicine.

St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute
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Inpatient Information: (509) 473-6058 or 1-833-FOR-SLR-1
Outpatient Information: (509) 473-6869