Revisiting the halls of St. Luke's as pulmonary patient

The story of Janet Holloway

Janet Holloway's first association with St. Luke's was in the mid-1950s, when she was a nursing student. Washington State University (WSU) -- then Washington State College--came to the then St. Luke's Hospital to offer a Bachelor of Science degree program in Nursing. Now, more than 60 years later, Janet came as a patient to St. Luke's Outpatient Pulmonary Program from the recommendation of her primary care physician.

"I developed a chronic lung condition and my doctor said I could benefit from St. Luke's pulmonary rehab program," Janet says. "I didn't realize they offered that, too. I went a few times a week for 24 sessions and just really enjoyed it."

Janet says the team of therapists provided exercise sessions and valuable education, something she says she appreciates as a former WSU nursing professor. 

"The staff was marvelous, always so caring and interested in each of us," she says. "One of the things I liked best was how they monitored us as we did different exercises. They were always checking our oxygen saturation and blood pressure-and we received a lot of one-on-one time with the therapists."

"Before coming to St. Luke's, I would have guessed that rest and conserving your energy was best if you have a pulmonary condition," Janet says. "I was wrong. The value of exercise, which is what I try to incorporate now, was great to learn. They focused on helping us stay as healthy as possible to stay out of the hospital."

"I'm putting what I learned to use," she adds. "I would strongly encourage anyone to do the program. The long-term benefits are worth it for these types of conditions." 

More photos and information about Spokane's nursing history, along with Janet's School of Nursing Class of 1955 , is on display at St. Luke's with other nursing school memorabilia. 

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[Photo courtesy of WSU]

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