Getting “Back” to Work and Life

The story of Ryan Remington

At 28 years old, Ryan Remington of Medical Lake, Wash. and his wife, Miranda, knew the back pain caused by a car accident could only worsen if they did not seek treatment immediately.

"My wife insisted that I see a doctor," Ryan says after being rear-ended while in his company vehicle. "I felt okay at the time of the accident, but as time went by while the police did their investigation at the scene, I started to feel a pinch in my back."

Ryan works in the physically demanding field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and was concerned that in the years to come, the pain could only become more severe.

Miranda called around for medical providers where Ryan could find help that day, and Providence Urgent Care in Spokane provided fast and courteous assistance for getting him back on his feet and ready to enter physical therapy. Conveniently located at  5th & Division, Providence Urgent Care is co-located with Providence Occupational Medicine and one of St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute's satellite outpatient Occupational Rehabilitation clinics. Here, a team of health care providers and therapists work together to help injured workers-like Ryan-return to their jobs and lives quickly and safely. The care continuum demonstrated by Providence Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine and St. Luke's expedites patient access to appropriate care. It's a collaboration that provides convenient, wrap-around services for injured workers.

"My family has gone to St. Luke's before, so I was excited to go there after knowing how they helped our family," Ryan says. "I went to physical therapy for about six weeks about three times a week. As I progressed, I went less often until I was able to use the skills I learned while on my own."

Ryan says the techniques used by therapists like strengthening/conditioning, mobility and stretching are methods he now uses at the gym to ensure his back pain does not return. "I want to stay ahead of it," he says. "I've lost weight in the process because the therapists encouraged me to establish a workout routine-and that's something I've continued to do."

The combination of immediate care, occupational medicine and occupational and physical therapy allowed Ryan to recover from his injuries and return to full duty in HVAC using the therapy techniques he learned.

"They could have looked at me and said, 'Yeah, everyone has back pain,' but they didn't treat me like that," Ryan says of the difference in the care he received at St. Luke's and Providence. "They treat you right and will help you get better. They helped me stay on course and helped change my lifestyle for the better."

For more information or to make a referral:

- St. Luke's Occupational Rehabilitation: (509) 473-6869
- Providence Occupational Medicine: (509) 474-5858


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