As the Inland Northwest's only Level I Trauma Rehabilitation Hospital, St. Luke's has been providing care and therapy for people suffering from stroke for nearly two decades. Our experienced, interdisciplinary teams of specially-trained rehabilitation professionals offer expertise in a variety of conditions and levels of injury by working with patients and care givers to get people back to their fullest life.    

The St. Luke's team believes in providing services through a patient centered model of care, which respects the needs, wants and desires of the patient and recognizes the patient's diversity and unique, individual characteristics. The St. Luke’s team works closely with patients and their family to set goals to help the recovery process. 

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Patients Served
A stroke can happen to anyone at any age.

  • In 2014, St. Luke’s provided rehabilitation services to nearly 400 patients who had suffered a stroke.
    • Age 0-17: 1 patient
    • Age 18-64: 153 patients
    • Age 65+: 288 patients
  • The average St. Luke’s patient who has suffered a stroke is 69 years old.
  • 42% of our patients who have suffered a stroke are female. 58% are male.
  • On average, patients who have suffered a stroke spend 18 days at St. Luke's.
  • Patients come from our referring hospitals, nursing facilities, insurance case managers and directly from patients requesting to come to St. Luke's.

Conditions Treated
The most common conditions St. Luke's treats for patients who have suffered a stroke are:

  • Blood clots to the brain
  • Bleeding into the brain

Hours of Service 

The stroke program offers therapy services 7 days a week and provides nursing care 24 hours a day.  Therapy hours range from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm depending upon the patient needs and treatment plan.  We provide at least three hours of therapy each day over five days or 15 hours per week to make sure each patient has the best care and best possible results to meet their goals. If additional specialty services are needed during a patient's stay, St. Luke's has contracted services for things such as lab services, imaging, etc.

Care Setting 

Recovering from a stroke can be difficult for the patient and family/caregivers. The stroke program collaborates with other regional and community services to ensure that all patients’ needs are met.   Visiting hours are flexible to accommodate individual patient needs and family members are encouraged to participate in therapy.

Insurances Accepted

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Is there a support group for Stroke patients? 

St. Luke’s offers a support group for patients who have suffered a stroke. The group meets every third Thursday of the month from 3-4 p.m. Please call the Support Group Hotline at 473-6681.

Tell us how we are doing
St. Luke’s is committed to providing the best rehabilitation care possible for the patients we serve. Your input is needed. Please tell us what other information you would like to know about St. Luke's Stroke Program.

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