Therapy Tips

So many areas of rehabilitation and recovery can cause stress under pressure. Here are some quick tips that can help in times of need:

  • Backpack Safety (PDF) - Here are some safety tips for backpack wearers. Backpacks are convenient, but if worn improperly, they can put the wearer at an increased risk for spinal injury.
  • Stroke Awareness - Know the symptoms of a stroke: FAST.
  • Fall Prevention - Here are some tips to help avoid falls during exercise.
  • Stretching - Make sure your personal stretching techniques are right for you.
  • Walking - Walking is a great form of exercise. Here are some tips for walking safely.
  • Restarting Exercise - Even if this isn't your first time exercising, restarting an exercise program can be challenging for your body. Here are some tips for safely restarting exercise.
  • Skiing Stretching and Safety (PDF) - Here are some smart stretching and safety tips. Skiing can be great fun for everyone, but it can also lead to injuries.
  • Winter Safety (PDF) - Winter weather and activities, such as shoveling, can make it very easy to slip and hurt yourself.
  • Individualized Care - The path to recovery after injury or illness is individualized, so is our care.

Click here to see St. Luke's Rehabilitation video tips.

Some of the therapy tips are PDF files. Adobe Reader is necessary to view them. To download Adobe Reader for free, click here.

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