Occupational Rehabilitation

St. Luke's offers the only CARF-accredited pain and occupational rehabilitation program in the Inland Northwest. Programs specialize in ergonomic consultation to improve client and employer understanding of safe work concepts:

  • Physical Capacity Evaluation: Measures functional abilities and limitations relating to return-to-work issues.
  • Work Hardening: Progressive real or simulated job tasks, job analysis and conditioning exercises for specific return-to-work goals.
  • Work Conditioning: Strength and endurance building for a return-to-work goal.
  • Biofeedback Evaluation and Training: Electronic equipment is used to measure and record muscle tension, skin temperature, heart rate and blood pressure to improve physical awareness and to better manage pain and stress.
  • Psychological Services: Provides counseling in motivation, coping with adjustment and instruction in pacing skills to avoid re-injury.
  • Job Safety and Job Site Evaluation: Identifies factors of a work site or specific job task that impact safety.

The rehabilitation team provides outpatient therapy services Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Flexible hours may be arranged with individual therapists to meet the needs of patients and families. The St. Luke’s team works closely with patients and their family to set goals for recovery. Therapy sessions are provided to reach the best possible results.

        • Word Readiness Evaluations
        • Ergonomic Worksite Assessments
        • Work Hardening
        • Work Conditioning
        Physical Capacity Evaluations (PCE’s)

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Patients Served
Injuries that cause patients to need occupational rehabilitation can happen to anyone at any age. In 2011, the Occupational Rehabilitation Program served 120 patients.

  • The average patient in the occupational rehabilitation program is 40 years old.
  • 39% of our patients are female. 61% are male.

Conditions Treated
The most common conditions St. Luke's treats for patients in the occupational rehabilitation program are:

  • Low back pain
  • Cervical spine
  • Knee pain

Patient Questions & Answers
St. Luke's wants to help patients throughout their stay and after. Here are answers to some often asked questions by our patients and their families.

  1. Is the therapy in the occupational rehabilitation program the same for everyone?
    An individualized therapy program is created based on each person's specific needs and goals. Each program is unique to the needs of the individual patient.
  2. Who will I see for my therapy?
    Patients work with physical therapists, occupational therapists or both depending on their unique treatment needs.

Tell Us How We Are Doing
St. Luke’s is committed to providing the best rehabilitation care possible for the patients we serve. Your input is needed. Please tell us what other information you would like to know about St. Luke's occupational rehabilitation program.

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