Medication Errors

Medication errors are an important safety focus in the United States. A medication error can occur if a wrong medication is given, medication is given at the wrong time or a dose is too strong for the patient. During a normal hospital workday, thousands of medications are given to patients across the country. At each interaction, there is the potential for a mistake and a negative outcome.

Using Technology to Make a Difference
Because St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute is committed to patient safety, we have installed a state-of-the-art electronic medication dispensing system to reduce the chance of a medication error, as well as a medication scanning system that allows nurses and pharmacy staff to screen medication to ensure that it is being given to the correct patient, at the correct time and in the correct dosage.

St. Luke's continues to work diligently to eliminate all medication errors. We have achieved 100% compliance with the completion of the medication reconciliation process set forth by the Joint Commission for when patients are admitted to St. Luke's. We hope that by sharing our medication error rates that other hospitals will also display their error rates and work together to achieve national solutions.

Medication Errors Graph 


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