Your Discharge

You and your family will prepare for discharge by observing and actively participating in treatment sessions, training during scheduled therapy times, discussions about medications and other health care needs. Staff help you and your family evaluate the placement of household items, bathroom set-up, doorway width and other factors that affect a successful transition back to your home. We also recommend and help you obtain any special equipment you may need. Your case manager/ social worker will work with you in scheduling any training that your family or other identified caregivers may need to attend, as well as discuss services available oce you are situated at  your next location.

Rehabilitation PassesYou may be able to go on a pass, which will help you practice newly learned skills in a real-life setting before you are discharged. “Rehabilitation passes” may include therapy activities in the community or at your home with your family.

Outpatient Therapy
Upon discharge from your inpatient stay at St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute, you can continue rehabilitation at one of St. Luke’s outpatient clinics conveniently located throughout the Spokane area.  Please see page 18 in the Patient Handbook for a complete list and and map.

Support GroupsSt. Luke’s hosts several support groups each month to assist patients, their family members and care givers in the transition back to the community.  It’s an opportunity to discuss important topics, share experiences and learn from others. For a list of times, please call the support group hotline at (509) 473-6681 or visit

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