Patient Feedback

St. Luke's often receives feedback from patients about the care they received in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. Below is a collection of feedback we have received from patients. Want to share your thoughts with St. Luke's? Send us a message.

  • "Thank you for the excellent care you gave my son following the accident and surgery. I really appreciate all you did to get him on the road to recovery."
  • "If you have pulmonary problems and don’t do the Pulmonary Rehabilitation program, you are robbing yourself of quality of life."
  • "I tell everyone I talk to that if it wasn’t for St. Luke’s I would still be in bed."
  • "I was so enthused about St. Luke’s that when I got home I called the Governor’s office to recommend St. Luke’s to anyone."
  • "They told me it would be a hill to climb starting physical therapy, but they never told me the fun I would have meeting new friends."
  • "Outstanding food service! Very tasty selections."
  • "I was treated with outstanding professionalism and concern while at St. Luke's."
  • "I had a very positive stay at St. Luke's and would gladly recommend it to others."
  • "The therapists were all exceptional."
  • "One evening I was at home missing Bob even more than usual, so I called St. Luke's. The nurse was so kind, Bob was sleeping so she wrote a note for me verbatim"
  • "I have already recommended your facility to two friends, who will soon be having knee replacements."
  • "Going to St. Luke's was the best thing that I ever did. They got me up on my feet and off to a great start on my road to recovery."
  • "Thank you for caring so much about myself and others."
  • "The staff took care of me on every possible level; as if I was family."
  • "I really enjoyed going to St. Luke's and would highly recommend them to friends and family."
  • "Your scheduling people are very nice and cooperative."
  • "I credit the fact that I am actually stronger to the outstanding physical therapy and coaching I received at St. Luke's."
  • "I felt that everyone was concerned for my needs. I felt like they were always being met. Very helpful, friendly staff."
  • "Very good experience. Therapists took the time to read up on my husbands vast neurological condition. This helped them recommend therapy for him."
  • "Cannot say enough good about our Physical Therapist. Gave helpful information and adequate, clear instructions."
  • "Thanks to the rehab workers who encouraged us in every way and set the pace for mom’s recovery, and for bringing us from discouragement to hope. You came highly recommended as a rehabilitation outfit. If it should become my lot to need therapy I’m signing up for St. Luke’s!"
  • "I have met literally dozens of employees of St. Luke's, each in their own way contributing to my move toward independence. These angels that kept flitting around my bedside and into the gymnasium were extremely caring, while at the same time deliberate in moving me beyond the limits that I was trying to set for myself."
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