Research at St. Luke's Rehabilitation

St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute is committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients as well as advancing patient care through active research projects. The following are a list of current research projects at St. Luke's. If you are a research investigator interested in conducting a project at St. Luke's, email the St. Luke's Research Committee Chair.

St. Luke's Research Publications: 


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Research at St. Luke's: 

Challenging Normalcy: Disability in Medical Education
St. Luke’s provides opportunities for medical students to do clinical rotations. As part of his research project, University of Washing first year medical student, Michael Nguyen, MPH, did a presentation on the need for medical students to be educated and trained on the social model of disabilities as part of their overall medical education. To learn more about his research click here

Evaluation of Prevalence of Tobacco Use and Its Influence on Inpatient Rehabilitation Outcomes
: Michael H. V. Nguyen, MS; Gregory T. Carter, MD, MS; Anjali R. Truitt, MPH; Chris C. Greer, BPharm; Joel Mansfield, MS; Douglas L. Weeks, PhD

Using Wearable Motion Sensors to Measure Rehabilitation Patient Gait Characteristics
Diane Cook, PhD (WSU); Gina Sprint, MS (WSU); Vladimir Borisov, MS (WSU); Douglas L. Weeks, PhD

Abnormalities in Homocysteine Metabolism as a Potential Disease Modifying Target in Diabetic Neuropathy
E. Clark Cullen, MD; Gregory T. Carter, MD, MS; Douglas L. Weeks, PhD; Michael D. Weiss, MD

Side Effects of Commonly Prescribed Analgesics: Physician-Patient Counseling
Gregory T. Carter, MD, MS; Chris C. Greer, BPharm; Douglas L. Weeks, PhD

Standardizing acute hospital evaluation of the most appropriate post-acute setting: Assessing adult neurological patients with the AlphaFIM
Douglas L. Weeks, PhD; Nancy M. Hughes, RN, CRRN; Ulrike Berzau, MM, MHS, PT, FACHE ; Julie K. Haines, PT; Lara Thollot-Musa, PT

Occupational Health Education for Dental Hygienists in Washington State
Daniel C. Anton, PT, PhD (EWU); Janet Nord, RDH, MEd (EWU); Douglas L. Weeks, PhD

Development of a General Diabetes Knowledge Test for use with Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation Populations
Douglas L. Weeks, PhD; Brian French, PhD (WSU); Linda Towle, RD; April Davis, RD (WSU)

The Modified Mini-Mental State Examination as an Indicator of Cognitive Impairment in Traumatic Brain Injury
Douglas L. Weeks, PhD; Sara Ambrose, MS, CCC-SLP; Jennifer Lawton, MS, CCC-SLP; Angelique Tindall, PhD, RD

Oxidative Stress in Chronic Kidney Disease: Diet and Exercise
Katherine R. Tuttle, MD; Heidi Jibby, RT

Simulated Rehabilitation Environment to Support Home and Community Reintegration
Douglas L. Weeks, PhD; Sara Ambrose, MS, CCC-SLP; Jennifer Lawton, MS, CCC-SLP; Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, PhD (WSU); Jane Pimentel, PhD (EWU)

Effect of Antidepressant Medications on Infections in the Acute Phase of Stroke
Megan Willson, PharmD (SHMC); Chris C. Greer, BPharm; Douglas L. Weeks, PhD

A Survey of Rehabilitation Inpatients about the Hospital Pharmacists’ Role in Improving Patient Satisfaction
Chris C. Greer, BPharm; Lien Huynh (WSU PharmD student)

Observing the Effects of Taping on Hemiplegic Shoulder Pain
Janis Battan, OTR/L (EWU); Samantha Axtman, (EWU MOT student); Mallory Hamby, (EWU MOT student)

Exploring the usefulness of iEngaging as an intervention to engage patients in hospital fall prevention
Huey-Ming Tzeng, PhD, RN, FAAN (WSU); Marque De Nysschen, MS (WSU)