Occupational Rehabilitation

St. Luke's offers the only CARF-accredited pain and occupational rehabilitation program in the Inland Northwest. Programs specialize in ergonomic consultation to improve client and employer understanding of safe work concepts:

  • Physical Capacity Evaluation: Measures functional abilities and limitations relating to return-to-work issues.
  • Work Hardening: Progressive real or simulated job tasks, job analysis and conditioning exercises for specific return-to-work goals.
  • Work Conditioning: Strength and endurance building for a return-to-work goal.
  • Biofeedback Evaluation and Training: Electronic equipment is used to measure and record muscle tension, skin temperature, heart rate and blood pressure to improve physical awareness and to better manage pain and stress.
  • Psychological Services: Provides counseling in motivation, coping with adjustment and instruction in pacing skills to avoid re-injury.
  • Job Safety and Job Site Evaluation: Identifies factors of a work site or specific job task that impact safety.

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St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute
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