Better Bones and Balance

This program is open to all patients at various stages of risk from low bone mass and can help prevent the advancement of osteoporosis.

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  • Prevention for the low bone mass patient Proper exercise can stop or reverse bone loss.
  • Treatment for the osteoporosis patient Customized exercise programs help with posture and prevent deformity and fractures by avoiding certain movements.
  • Advanced care techniques for the osteoporotic patient –
    In addition to an exercise program, patients undergo a balance evaluation and receive recommendations on how to reduce falls. Physical therapy may be included to help alleviate pain associated with osteoporosis or newly fractured bone. Occupational therapy can also be provided by a licensed therapist who specializes in the treatment of functional deficits, home safety and promoting independence. They can provide practical instruction for dressing, grooming, toileting, hygiene, functional mobility, meal preparation and adaptive equipment needs.

Program Goals 

The Better Bones and Balance Program starts with an individualized treatment plan developed just for you by your physical and/or occupational therapist aimed at helping you:

  • Increase bone mass or slow bone loss
  • Gain strength and Improve your balance while reducing the chance of future falls and injuries
  • Weight bearing exercises that you can do at home
  • Education about bone health and what else you can do to improve

Our therapists are highly trained and hold additional specialized certifications to help you improve.

How to you get started 

Ask your doctor to refer you to the program, then call us for an appointment at any one of our four locations

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