Patient Accounts

St. Luke's accepts many forms of payment on patient accounts. Payment is accepted in person at St. Luke's, online and by phone. Our Patient Accounts team will work directly with your insurance company for insurance payments. If you have questions about your statement, please contact the Patient Accounts department at 509-232-8160 or 1-866-257-3599 or by email. To pay your statement online, click here.

Patient Accounts Contact Information
The following is a list of direct phone numbers for Patient Account team members for direct inquiries:



 Payment Type

 Amy  (509) 232-8166  Medicare, Tricare, Vets, Medicare Advantage, Health Options
 Karen C  (509) 232-8185  First Choice, L&I
 Danielle  (509) 232-8137  Premera, Asuris, Self-Insured Work Comp, Commercial
 Ashlie  (509) 232-8186  Self-pay, Medicaid
 Tami  (509) 473-6714  Physiatry Practice billing

Financial Assistance at St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute

In keeping with our mission and core values, Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS) cares for people and their health needs regardless of their ability to pay. We are committed to working with our patients through any financial issues, including finding ways to make medical care more affordable. INHS offers financial assistance to eligible patients who do not have the financial ability to pay for their medical bills.  If you are having trouble paying for all or some of your health care, we encourage you to talk with a Financial Counselor or someone in our business office about how we can help you. For more on Financial Assistance please click HERE

Contact Us for Financial Assistance Help or Applications
For more information about getting help with your INHS medical bills, please call or visit a financial counselor or billing office. We can give you any forms you need and can help you apply for assistance. Patients are strongly encouraged to ask for financial help before receiving medical treatment, if possible. Patients can also apply at any time while receiving treatment and for a period of time following receipt of your initial bill.  

If you have questions or would like to receive a financial assistance application form, please contact below:


Financial Assistance Application Form

Financial Assistance Policy Summary

Collection Assignment Policy

Financial Assistance Policy

501r Financial Assistance Provider List