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St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute is the largest hospital in the Inland Northwest dedicated solely to medical rehabilitation, serving patients of all ages. St. Luke's experienced team helps patients gain the skills and functionality they need to overcome illness or injury and reach their best potential of returning to a fulfilling and independent lifestyle. Your donations help support local programs, services, education and equipment that impacts and rebuild lives.    

Today, more than ever, it makes sense for non-profit organizations to collaborate on donation requests and grant opportunities. To better maximize fundraising efforts, Providence Health Care Foundation, Eastern Washington is providing management and oversight of INHS giving opportunities. Your dollars remain restricted to St. Luke's.

Our mission, with your support, continues. Your gift will make a difference in our community and throughout the region. To make a one-time online donation click the button below. If you would like to make a recurring gift, please call (509) 474-4917. 


Your gifts in action  

When 10 years old, Jocelyn Carr was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, she was left paralyzed turning the lives of the Carr family upside down.
To help her recovery process to walk and talk again, a custom rehabilitation plan was created by Jocelyn’s therapist, physicians and nurses. Jocelyn received speech, physical, occupational and recreational therapies. 

“They make it somehow fun. It’s therapy but it doesn’t seem like it,” Jocelyn says.

Read Jocelyn’s full story here.  


Stroke Rehabilitation Center of Excellence

Please consider being part of improving patients' lives by supporting St. Luke's Stroke Rehabilitation Center of Excellence.  To learn more about the Stroke Rehabilitation Center of Excellence here click here.

Donations to St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute are managed by Providence Health Care Foundation, Eastern Washington. You can rest assured that 100 percent of your gift will directly support the programs, services, education and equipment that help St. Luke’s patients return to a fulfilling and independent life.


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