What to Bring

What Should I Bring?

On your day of transport, please limit your items to one bag. Family members will need to bring additional items. Flowers and plants will need to be transported by family members if you are coming from local hospital. Plan to bring three to four changes of clothes.

Suggested items include:

  • Loose-fitting pants
  • Comfortable shirts and tops
  • Underclothes and socks
  • Patient gowns are provided, but you may prefer to bring your pajamas
  • Sweater, jacket, and hat (depending on weather)
  • Flat-soled shoes (Correct footwear is important. Check with your physical therapist before purchasing new shoes.)
  • Non-skid soled bedroom slippers
  • Grooming and bathing items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving cream, shampoo, etc.
  • Personal items (eyeglasses, dentures and cup, hearing aids, etc.)
  • Copy of your Advance Directive, Living Will, and power of attorney
  • Original POLST (Physician Order for Life Sustaining Treatment) form
  • Insurance card
  • Special equipment marked with your name (cane, walker, prosthesis, etc.)
  • Personal belongings (family photos, books, toys for children, etc.).
  • Personal electronic devices (cell phone, electric razor, ipod, radio, etc.)

Please mark your items with your name. Leave all items of value at home. St. Luke’s is not responsible for lost clothing or other personal items.

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