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The story of Griffin Stevens

“It’s a straight out miracle,” says Nathan, Griffin’s dad. At just two years old, Griffin Stevens is one tough little boy. 
After falling out of a stationary truck, Griffin suffered a skull fracture. Griffin was taken to Providence Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital and later transferred to St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute. Griffin spent three weeks at St. Luke’s where he relearned to walk, talk and just be a two-year old again. “We are really glad we brought him to St. Luke’s because he connected really well with the staff,” says Laralynn, Griffin’s mom. “What they did with him, and bringing him back to how he is now, is amazing.”

When Griffin first arrived to St. Luke’s, his parents were pulling him in his red wagon, but he soon worked his way up to walking down the hall holding his mom or dad’s hand. “The staff at St. Luke’s did so much for us, Griffin is also diabetic, and the staff really had to do extra for him to make sure his diabetes were managed too. They did an awesome job,” says Laralynn. “The staff went over and beyond to make sure his room was set up for him, he took to everybody,” says Nathan. Griffin began visiting other patients and making friends throughout St. Luke’s.

The therapists at St. Luke’s used toys and the pediatric rock wall during Griffin’s inpatient and outpatient therapy to reteach him to walk and talk again. “It was more of a structured playtime for him,” explains Nathan.

Playing with his brothers again, Griffin shows significant improvement today from where he was a year ago. “We had a special bond with the staff. They took great care of us, and gave us whatever we needed,” says Laralynn. “We appreciate them so much.”


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