Customized Care

The story of Michael Tate

After several months of headaches and flu-like symptoms, Dr. Michael Tate would come home exhausted. It wasn’t until he looked at the ceiling fan and it appeared to be on the wall, that he realized something was gravely wrong.

“It was no longer on the ceiling. It had moved to the wall on the side to my left,” he says, describing how he knew that couldn’t be right. Dr. Tate had suffered a brain stem stroke which had confused that signal in his brain.

After hospital treatment and stabilization, Tate went to St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute for rehabilitation. When he arrived the stroke had taken a toll, it was like starting over.

“When I tried to sit up straight, it felt like I was being pulled over to one side,” he recalls, then adds that with a lot of hard work and therapy he recovered. “I got past all of that. It was St. Luke’s that put me back together. I recovered fully.”

Now several years later, says Tate, a vice president of Washington State University, people can’t even tell he had a stroke.
The staff at St. Luke’s “was just terrific,” says Tate. “They are very caring, very dedicated professionals, everyone. They will work with you no matter what your disposition may be - I wasn’t the best patient.”

The staff at St. Luke’s works with each patient to tweak and tailor a customized approach to recovery, considering not only physical needs but also mental and psychological needs.

“It is a good place to be…I felt very good about being there. I’ve attributed my recovery and everything I do now to what went on at St. Luke’s,” he says. “It was St. Luke’s that put me together and gave me the tools to function to the highest degree possible.”

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