Hard Work Pays Off

The story of Dick Hilton
Dick Hilton had the scare of a lifetime. What started as making a pot of coffee turned into Dick’s left leg shaking and him falling to the floor, pinning his right arm underneath his body. Dick had suffered a stroke. Conscious, but unable to move he lay helpless on the kitchen floor for hours until a friend stopped by the house to check on him. “He knew my wife was gone for a couple of days and had tried to reach me that evening but I didn’t answer the phone,” Dick explained. “He came by and I just yelled for help until he heard me.” 

Soon after the paramedics arrived they called Northwest MedStar to transport Dick to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. Dick remembers the flight to Spokane saying, “Everybody was nice. They talked to me the whole way, telling me that I was going to be okay.”

After his stay at Sacred Heart hospital, Dick was transferred to St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute for his recovery. When Dick arrived at St. Luke’s he couldn’t walk. After three weeks of intense inpatient physical and occupational therapy, Dick’s prognosis was much better.

Dick can now walk by himself. He said it was the dedicated staff that helped him to get better. “You have to learn it all over again and they [the therapists] take you through that process… I didn’t think I could do it, but by golly I did.” Dick said. While proud of his progress Dick does not sugar coat the experience. “It’s hard work. You don’t get anything accomplished unless you do hard work. You can’t just skip through it. If you do, you won’t ever get better. They’re here to make you better. That is their primary job.” Dick became close to the St. Luke’s staff who aided in his recovery, whom he now views as friends and plans on visiting in the future.

Living on 40 acres of land with his wife, two dogs, and some horses. Dick is grateful to be able to return home and continue his recovery. 
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