No More Pain in the Neck

The story of Cindy Roth

Nothing was working after a car accident left Cindy Roth with chronic pain – until visiting Steven R. Goodman, MD for Intramuscular Stimulation therapy at St. Luke’s Physiatry Practice.

It all began when an oncoming car turned right in front of her. Cindy Roth was driving the speed limit, but she still slammed into the turning vehicle. The impact rocked her forcibly and flung her between the two seats, seatbelt still buckled.

She tried massage therapy and went to a chiropractor but relief was short-lived. “While both made me feel better for short periods of time, nothing had lasting effects. After almost a year, my pain was still there,” she says. “In addition, I began to have some other side effects. I had headaches and migraines, pain in my shoulders and down my back, fatigue, as well as a change in eyesight and a feeling of fogginess in my head.”

As her quality of life deteriorated, Roth said even massage became so intensely painful she wanted to cry and felt like she would pass out. She returned to the doctor, seeking answers and relief. She left with a referral to see Dr. Goodman.

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is a therapy for soft tissue pain with neuropathic origins. Similar to acupuncture, it uses hair-thin needles to treat issues including muscle shortening, tightening and over-reactive nerves that can lead to chronic and intense pain. The scientifically-based neurophysiological treatment was exactly what Roth needed.

After assessing her, Dr. Goodman gave Roth information to look over and think about but she asked if he could do the first treatment that day. “The really cool thing about him is he understood me as a person and patient, rather than putting his philosophy on me,” says Roth. “I avoid medications. I wanted to fix the problem. If your car is making noise you don’t turn up the radio. You fix the problem. I told him that.”

The improvement with IMS, she says, was instantaneous. “Immediately after my very first IMS treatment, the fogginess in my head cleared, as did my vision. Instantly I had more movement in my neck. I could look over my shoulders again,” raves Roth. “I went in a couple more times, each time feeling better and healing faster than before.”

The change in her life has been dramatic, she says. “I feel amazing. I would recommend IMS treatment to anyone and everyone who has chronic pain and doesn’t want it anymore.”

“I feel alive. It was literally life-altering. It changes my mood, my everything. I’m not cranky because I’m in pain,” says Roth. “That is a fantastic part of it. Now I just feel good.”

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