Functional Capacity Exam

At St. Luke’s, our patients’ health and safety is our primary goal—especially as they transition back into their community. Our team uses the Functional Capacity Exam (FCE) to determine a patient’s ability to safely perform work activities after an illness or injury. In addition to the physical performance assessment, we evaluate the patient’s ability to handle the cognitive demands of the job. Based on our findings, practitioners may recommend modifying the current employment environment—including tasks, techniques or equipment—or finding a new work opportunity that the patient can perform safely.

Functional Capacity Exam Benefits

This exam can help patients achieve:

  • Increased quality of life
  • Enhanced work performance
  • Improved safety in work environment
  • Ability to meet job demands
  • Modified tasks or work environment

Helping Patients Thrive

Functional capacity evaluations are beneficial to patients who:

  • Have been injured on the job
  • Are applying for Social Security Disability benefits
  • Are seeking to return to work or activities following injury/illness
  • Have had a catastrophic accident
  • Are seeking vocational rehabilitation services
  • Are receiving transitional services from school to work.

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