Pain Program (SIMP)

Pain Management ProgramSt. Luke’s is the only Labor & Industries CARF-accredited pain program in the Inland Northwest, and we live up to that distinction every day through our work with injured workers. St. Luke’s offers intensive 20-day interdisciplinary therapy programs for individuals injured on the job, and hosts weekly interdisciplinary case conferences for patients, clinicians and vocational rehabilitation counselors.

Our interdisciplinary teams develop treatments based around biofeedback, psychological services, vocational services and physical and occupational-based therapies. 

St. Luke’s Center of Occupational Health and Education (COHE) in Eastern Washington has developed cost-effective, quality care programs that reduce disability by 20-25% and get people back to work faster. With 700 million workdays lost each year due to pain, our team is stepping up to help employers, workers and their families maintain productivity, job satisfaction and wellbeing. 

Pain Program Benefits

St. Luke’s program can help patients achieve:

  • Improved functionality
  • Faster workforce re-entry
  • Effective techniques for chronic pain management
  • Education on proper body mechanics and posture
  • Improved mental cognition and focus
  • Minimized risk of re-injury
  • Increased likelihood of surgical success

Learn more about our Pain Management Program (PDF)

Chad Church
They put the program together and tweaked it St. Luke’s style.’ Whatever it was they did, it was perfect. I can’t tell you the difference between where he was and where he is now.
Lynette Church (Chad’s wife)

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