Sports InjurySt. Luke’s Physiatry Practice has one overarching goal: to help patients overcome pain and return to their active lifestyle. The St. Luke’s Physiatry Practice has recently expanded to better serve you and your patients.  We are accomplished physicians with diverse backgrounds bringing additional expertise to our practice. With specialties in brain injury, neuromuscular medicine and electrodiagnostics, these board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians are providing patients with additional access to inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services throughout the region and beyond.  As the region’s only Level I Trauma Rehabilitation hospital for adults and pediatrics, our expanded team is one of the top providers of rehabilitation medicine in the nation.

“A team of nationally recognized providers with variedspecialties brain injury, neuromuscular and electrodiagnostics allows us tobetter serve residents of the Inland Northwest and beyond.” 

- Dr. Gregory Carter, St. Luke’s medical director  

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IntraMuscular Stimulation (IMS)

Stemming from arthritis or sports injury, muscle shortening is a painful condition that can’t be treated surgically. However, when left untreated, this condition can lead to various tendonitis symptoms—making it crucial to address the issue through innovative therapies like IntraMuscular Stimulation (IMS). Using IMS, St. Luke’s physiatrists stimulate the muscles so that they return to normal resting length. What does that mean for our patients? Less pain, and more opportunity to heal.

IMS Benefits

Through this therapy, patients can achieve:

  • Reduced pain
  • A return to an active lifestyle
  • Non-drug, non-surgical treatment option for muscle shortening

Helping Patients Thrive

IMS services help patients with:

  • Early-to-mild arthritis
  • Shortened muscle syndrome
  • Sports and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Cervical and lumbar strain
  • Swimmer’s shoulder
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis/impingement
  • Elbow tendonitis (tennis elbow)
  • Thoracic pain (chestwall pain)
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Hip bursitis
  • Iliotibial band syndrome
  • Patellofemoral pain (runner’s knee)
  • Patella tendonitis
  • Shin splints
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis and heel pain
  • EMG/nerve conduction  

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Learn more about IMS for Arthritis and Muscle Pain (PDF)

Learn more about IMS for Sport Injury (PDF)

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