Swallowing Evaluations

Sometimes the simple functions that most people take for granted—like swallowing—aren’t so simple. At St. Luke’s, we’re committed to helping patients overcome these challenges and achieve their best life. Our swallowing evaluations utilize Modified Barium Swallow studies, which enable medical professionals to understand exactly what’s going on below the surface. After digging into the details, they collaborate with an interdisciplinary team to create a customized program tailored to each individual, no matter the age.

Swallowing Evaluation Benefits

  • Improved diagnosis accuracy
  • Ability to fix the problem
  • Easy to use and swallow
  • Less costly than traditional evaluation methods
  • Only slightly invasive

Helping Patients Heal

Swallowing therapy is effective in providing a visual of swallowing difficulties in action to initiate therapy for patients with:

  • Dysphagia
  • Pre-post head and neck cancer

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