Research Studies & Clinical Trials

This is What the Future Looks Like

St. Luke’s is home to dedicated researchers who help shape the rehabilitation field through ongoing studies and clinical trials. We’re proud to spearhead a variety of ethics board-approved research projects. Our current studies include: 

Ecological Momentary Assessment and Wearable Data for Online Recovery Analytics
Investigators: Gina Sprint, PhD; Elena Crooks, PT, PhD; Douglas L. Weeks, PhD

Determination of endocannabinoid concentrations in the CSF of individuals with ALS and controls
Investigator: Gregory T. Carter, MD; Cecilia Hillard, PhD; Michael Weiss, MD; Carrie Cuttler, PhD; Ryan McLaughlin, PhD; Douglas L. Weeks, PhD

Effects of Colored Light Exposure on Sleep Disturbance, Fatigue, and Functional Outcomes Following Acute Brain Injury
Investigators: Douglas L. Weeks, PhD; Elena Skornyakov, PT, PhD; Gregory T. Carter, MD

International, Multi-Center, Open-Label Follow-Up, Extension Study Assessing the Long-Term Safety and Tolerability of PXT3003 In Patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Type 1A (Protocol CLN-PXT3003-03)
Investigator: Gregory T. Carter, MD; Alicia Fuhrman, MD

Driving Simulator Performance, Driving Self-Regulation Insight, and Cognitive Function in Conditions Requiring Inpatient Rehabilitation
Investigators: Douglas L. Weeks, PhD; Kimberly Clark, OTR; Luke Heckly, SLP; Melanie Michael, OTR; Mathew Roberg, COTA; Donna Umali, OTR; Megan Wood, SLP

Pain and Sleep in Patients Participating in Cardiac Rehabilitation
Investigators: Elena Crooks, PT, DPT, PhD; Lindsey Miller, PhD; Shaina Hicks, BS, RDN, CEP, CCRP; Douglas L. Weeks, PhD

Reliability, Validity, and Minimal Detectable Change of Paper and Digital Versions of the Trail Making Test in Conditions Requiring Inpatient Rehabilitation for Acquired Brain Injury
Investigators: Douglas L. Weeks, PhD; Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, PhD; Megan Wood, MS, CCC-SLP

Upper-extremity Exoskeleton Assessment Instrument Baseline Data Collection and End-user Feedback During Arm and Hand Tasks
Investigators: Joel Perry, PhD; Richard Stevens, PhD; Gregory T. Carter, MD; Douglas L. Weeks, PhD

Dietary, Sleep, and Exercise Habits of Registered Nurses (RN’s) Working Full Time, 12-hour Day or Night Shift
Investigators: Teresa L. Bigand, PhD, MSN, RN; Douglas L. Weeks, PhD

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