St. Luke’s is dedicated to sharing the extraordinary stories of hope and healing that thrive within our community. For media professionals working on pieces related to rehabilitation or holistic therapy, our team is home to unparalleled experts happy to share their knowledge.  

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Media Contacts 

Would you like to get in touch with a patient or expert to add depth to your story? Are you interested in learning more about how St. Luke’s is pioneering the future of holistic recovery? Please submit all media requests to our 24-hour Newsroom Hotline.  

Phone: (509) 232-8300


At St. Luke’s, we love to tell the world about our patients and their incredible journeys to recovery—because if there’s anything the world needs, it’s more glimpses into the extraordinary human spirit. These inspirational stories begin at St. Luke’s.

Dive into our News section for the latest patient stories, rehabilitation research and more content that will inform and inspire you: 

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Each patient comes to St. Luke’s with a unique story, and leaves with an inspiring next chapter. The only thing more rewarding than sharing these stories of tenacity and achievement is having the honor of personally knowing the extraordinary people behind these narratives. 


St. Luke's hosts a variety of events, presentations, and educational opportunities throughout the year. View our upcoming events and get involved.

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