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Recovery is Doing Daily Activities Again

After an injury or illness, the little things mean the most. Showering. Eating with a fork. Getting to work. St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute is a patient’s community to help them get back to life. Back to the little things that mean so much. Back to their community. To make this process less stressful and even more real, we’re bringing the community to St. Luke’s, so patients can practice real life….and get back to it faster.

St Lukes Community Bus 2       St Lukes Community Cars

From the grocery store, financial institution, office and restaurant booth to the bus, car and airplane, St. Luke’s Community is designed with the every day in mind. Patients can practice getting in a car and putting on their seatbelt. They can load a grocery cart or fill a fax machine with paper. They can cross the street and navigate the curb. They can board a plane and bus. By bringing the community to the patient, with therapists teaching proper techniques, St. Luke’s Community is a safe way to re-enter life. 

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At St. Luke’s, our philosophy of rehabilitation means doing everything we can to help patients gain the skills and functionality they need to overcome illness or injury and return to their fullest life. We’re dedicated to creating an atmosphere of trust and tailored therapy and excited to have another creative way to get our patients back to their friends and families. We’re thrilled about this state-of- the-art therapy facility – your St. Luke’s Community.

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